The Company

About Us

SKD Restaurants is one of the largest dining restaurant of Delhi NCR spread across 16000 sq.ft area. As the owner and operator of Kasturi – Indian Fine Dining, JiJi – Kitchen and Bakery, Eclair - Cakes & Bakes, Vault – the Bar, and Gourmet India, we tout a combination of quality food and unparalleled service.

Our company's renowned reputation is upheld by an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction. This commitment is a promise made to each guest to ensure reasonable prices and courteous service. From the moment a guest walks into one of our properties, the ambiance lets them know that they're in for something special.

The company plans to open 10 bakery kiosks across Delhi NCR in addition to the restaurants by the end of 2013. Our plan is to generate sustainable sales momentum for the all our brands by significantly increasing the effectiveness of the marketing efforts, making meaningful improvements to the operational performance of our restaurants, and continuously introducing fresh, innovative dishes for our guests to enjoy.

With a strong foundation of unforgettable experiences in dining, the potential for SKD’s growth continues to remain off the charts.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Born from the notion “something for everyone”, our focus is on designing the company’s model to suit every style, taste and pocket. We want to create a fine balance between our traditions and today’s progressive market. The idea is to present our customers with a perfect meal, delivering quality of service, superior hospitality and a pocket friendly experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is: to provide the guest with the pleasure of enjoying authentic dishes, served with friendly warmth, committed and impeccable service, in a peaceful transcendent setting, thereby creating an unparalleled restaurant experience.

Our Cuisine

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about ethically sourcing the finest ingredients, preparing authentic dishes through the application of modern techniques, and celebrating the craft and tradition of cooking.

Our Partners

SKD’s culture motivates employees to achieve their full potential. They're challenged to improve through leadership, focus, intensity and persistence — and to create a work environment of pride, honesty, integrity and loyalty.

Our Customers

We take pride in passionately connecting with every guest, on every visit through flawless and relentless execution of every detail.

Our Restaurants

Our restaurants is more than about food. It’s an exploration into the world of fresh ideas and wonderful foods from around the globe – a friendly, approachable haven for people who simply love food.

Our Brands